Hijama Treatment

Massage Cupping

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To begin with, a liberal amount of olive oil is applied on the areas to be treated. This helps to prepare the skin for massage cupping so that the cup(s) can glide smoothly and freely without causing any friction or discomfort. Olive oil application also helps to seal the cup to the skin better.

A hand-help pump is used to create a minimal suction for a light grip onto the skin and then moved around in either circular, horizontal/vertical motions for roughly about 20-40 minutes for massage cupping treatment only. The cups are used to manipulate the skin and underlying tissues.

Moving cupping can also be performed prior to dry/fixed cupping, to help stimulate blood flow around the body, revitalise the organs, improve circulation and to activate the lymph system.

Dry/fixed Cupping

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The dry cupping treatment involves applying a cup (or several cups) to the appropriate points using a moderate suction using the hand-held pumps.

Manual hand-held pumps are best used as we have more control and can ensure that the correct amount of pressure is applied and our clients are comfortable and not experiencing pain. Cups are left to remain in place between 5-20 minutes according to the treatment plan and then removed. The whole purpose of dry cupping is to draw underlying blood and fluid away from the area of inflammation to the surface of the skin. This method is used to relieve blood congestion from the inflamed area, but does not remove any fluid from the body.

Dry/Fixed cupping is also used as a precursor to wet cupping to help draw the toxic blood into the concentrated area for easy removal via wet cupping.

Wet Cupping

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Wet cupping is the Sunnah treatment of releasing the stagnant subcutaneous blood from the point(s) being treated/cupped.

This is done by making several small, systematic, superficial incisions on the skin surface, thereby allowing a small amount of blood to come through the skin. Once the incisions are made the cup(s) are reapplied and left for up to 10-20 minutes depending on the aim and nature of treatment. Cups are then removed alongside with the toxic blood and disposed of.

Finally, olive oil/black seed oil is applied on the areas treated to seal the incisions.